Marvellous MOTs

Keep your car road-worthy with our comprehensive MOT service. We offer Class IV MOT tests no matter the vehicle. All tests are carried out to an impeccably high standard in our own test centre. When you call Bramcote Hills Garage we arrange a convenient time for you, and schedule an appointment. When the MOT is complete you receive the pass certificate.

Thorough MOT Testing

Watch your car pass its MOT with ease thanks to our maintenance. Speak to Bramcote Hills Garage based in Nottingham, East Midlands, for experienced MOT testing.

The test covers all aspects of your car including:

Vehicle Identification Number: We check that this is clearly visible.

Lights:  Your light's brightness and functionality is checked.

Windscreen:  The windscreen’s visibility is screened for chips and cracks.

Registration Plate: 
The legibility of number plate is checked.

Steering: The MOT will check the suspension and steering to make sure that the oil level is correct and that the condition is good.

Windscreen Wipers:These are checked to ensure they are working and leave no markings on glass.

Doors: We check that the doors open from both the inside and the outside.

Seatbelts: The security and safety of seatbelts is thoroughly checked.

Seats: Front seats are checked for security.

Mirror's functionality is checked.

Horn: The test ensures that the horn works.

Brakes: Our mechanics check the brake fluid warning system and give a thorough safety check.

Fuel system: Fuel caps and seals are checked to ensure no leakage.

Exhaust emissions and system: Exhaust emission is checked so that all cars are within the specified guidelines and they are secure, without serious leaks or silences.

Bodywork:We check for sharp edges or corrosion on the bodywork. We also check the electrical socket, speedometer and engine mounting.

The condition and safety of the tyres, size and type and tread depth are all checked.

Problem Repair 

Don’t let a problem keep you off the road. Our expert mechanics are on hand to fix any problems discovered in the car’s MOT test, to make sure it passes the next time. Contact us today for your car’s next appointment.